What Are the Best Cheap Samsung Phones? We Tested All of Them, Here’s Our Top 5
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What Are the Best Cheap Samsung Phones? We Tested All of Them, Here’s Our Top 5

Jul 5, 2024

When it comes to budget-friendly smartphones, Samsung stands out as a top choice in Australia. Before deciding which affordable Samsung phone to purchase, consider these factors:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend?
  • 5G Availability: Is 5G service available in your region, and do you need the extra speed?
  • Purchase Method: Will you buy the phone unlocked, Refurbished, or through online retailers?

No matter your needs, there’s a budget-friendly Samsung Phone for you. We’ve tested every available model and selected the top five, ranked from highest to lowest price. Check out our buyer’s guide if you’re unsure what to look for. Otherwise, could you keep reading to see our top picks? Looking for affordable options outside Samsung’s lineup? We have a guide for the best cheap phones worth checking out.

The Galaxy S23 FE: The Closest to a Flagship Experience

This year, Samsung is focusing on the Galaxy S23 FE in Australia over the Galaxy A50 series. The S23 FE offers a near-flagship experience at a significantly lower price. it’s the most expensive on this list but often available on sale. It looks almost identical to the flagship Galaxy S23 series, featuring a 6.4-inch 120Hz display and a premium feel. While it uses Gorilla Glass 5, which is less durable than higher-end models, it’s still sturdier than most affordable Samsung devices.

In our review, we were impressed by the Galaxy S23 FE’s great cameras and overall value. Samsung’s commitment to updates adds to its appeal. Despite this, it remains the most powerful budget-friendly Samsung phone available in Australia, though its battery life doesn’t match the A-series models.

If you can stretch your budget or consider buying a refurbished Galaxy S23 FE is an excellent upper-mid-range choice.

What Makes It Stand Out

  • Premium Feel: Nearly as premium as its flagship counterparts.
  • Great Cameras: High-quality lenses and processing.
  • Large Screen: A 6.4-inch 120Hz display that’s bright and vibrant.

The Galaxy A54 5G: The Best Alternative to the FE

The Samsung Galaxy A55 5G, while newer, is only available internationally and doesn’t offer enough improvements to justify importing over the S23 FE. For those in Australia seeking a high-end budget phone in Australia, the S23 FE is recommended. As an alternative, the Galaxy A54 5G stands out in the A50 series. It ensures five years of security updates, providing longevity until 2028 and beyond in Australia.

Powered by an Exynos 1380, the A54 handles daily tasks well, though it’s less powerful than pricier models. It offers 128GB of storage, expandable via microSD. The A54 also supports 5G, future-proofing your device for network upgrades.

The camera quality is decent, especially the main shooter and the battery life is impressive, lasting about a day and a half.

What Makes It Stand Out

  • Versatile Cameras: A strong main camera with ultrawide and macro lenses.
  • Beautiful Display: A bright, crisp 120Hz Super AMOLED screen.
  • Fantastic Battery Life: A 5,000mAh battery that lasts nearly two days.
  • Solid Storage: 128GB storage, expandable with a microSD card.
  • 5G Ready: Prepared for future network upgrades.

The Galaxy A25 5G: Incredible Value for the Price

The Samsung Galaxy A25 5G offers an impressive experience for its low price in Australia. While the plastic build feels cheap and the fingerprint reader is inconsistent, it has notable strengths. The Exynos 1280 chip delivers above-average performance for its price. The sharp AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate is a highlight, though it may appear washed out outdoors.

The camera setup is impressive for a budget phone, with a 50MP primary lens, 8MP ultrawide sensor, and 2MP macro lens. The main camera performs well in good lighting, and the ultrawide lens is respectable, though the macro sensor lacks sharpness. The battery life is another strong point, with a 5,000mAh capacity and 25W wired charging, lasting comfortably through a day of use.

While not suited for gaming or power-intensive tasks, the A25 handles social media, basic apps, internet browsing, and simple photography well. The A25 is a better deal than the similar Galaxy A35, which has known performance and heating issues.

What Makes It Stand Out

  • Solid Performance: Sufficient for daily use.
  • Battery Life: Lasts about a day with regular use.
  • Value: Strikes a balance between mid-range and budget devices.

The Galaxy A15 5G: Extremely Cheap, Yet Surprisingly Capable

The Galaxy A15 5G isn’t perfect, but it offers a surprisingly strong experience, aside from poor speaker quality and chunky bezels. The primary camera works well, providing good detail despite over-emphasized colors and long exposures. The 5MP ultrawide and 2MP macro cameras are less impressive but functional.

The A15’s biggest plus is battery life, easily lasting two days or more on a single charge, depending on usage. it may be better to invest a bit more in the A25 or higher. However, if you need an unlocked Samsung phone, this is a reasonable choice. Watch for Refurbished Phone deals, as many refurbished retailers in Australia offer free shipping with up to 12 months warranty the A15 for free or very cheap with a payment plan.

What Makes It Stand Out

  • Price: Affordable unlocked, and often free through shipping.
  • Battery Life: Up to two days on a single charge.
  • Camera Performance: The main camera performs well in good lighting.

The Galaxy A03s: The Cheapest Samsung Phone We Recommend

The Galaxy A03s is basic but capable of daily use, making it the cheapest Samsung phone in Australia we recommend. Performance and build quality are lacking, but these are expected compromises at this price point. The weak processor enhances battery life, offering two days of moderate use, though no charger is included.

Samsung’s commitment to updates, including a five-year guarantee, adds value. While you might upgrade before then, this phone is a great first smartphone and an introduction to Samsung’s One UI and Android ecosystem.

What Makes It Stand Out

  • Affordability: One of the cheapest Samsung phones available in the US.
  • Battery Life: A 5,000mAh battery that lasts two days of moderate use.
  • Longevity: Five years of support, though you may upgrade sooner.

What to Look for in a Cheap Samsung Phone

Cheap Samsung phones in Australia are among the best budget handsets, but consider these factors to find the right device:

Value Over Price

Prioritize overall value over the price tag. A phone that costs less than A$500 but lasts longer or has better build quality and a powerful processor is a better deal in Australia.

5G or Not 5G

Most devices listed support 5G, but you may not need it depending on your location and usage. If you don’t use much data outside your home or live in a rural area, consider an LTE-only phone to save money.

Refurbished or New One

In Australia, you have the option to purchase refurbished Samsung phones or buy a new one, which can offer significant savings without compromising on quality. Whether you’re looking for a new mode or looking for a refurbished one, refurbished Samsung phones in Australia provide a cost-effective alternative to buying brand-new ones.

Focus on the Main Camera

For budget smartphones, the primary camera is usually the only one that consistently delivers good results. Extra lenses like ultrawide and macro are often less effective. If camera quality isn’t a priority, this won’t be an issue.


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